Splashbacks is an essential tool, for which not only helps to protect the wall from water and heat but also an excellent way to decorate a room, keep it clean and hygienic. There are many different types of splashbacks, ranging from glass to laminate, diverse colors, and multiple options to suit all budgets and tastes.

We can produce splashbacks cut to any shape or style, socket cut-outs, switch cut out, and holes in a different edge finish depending on the material.

Glass/Colour Splashbacks

Whether you require bespoke glass splash-backs for your kitchen, glass worktops, shower screens, wall cladding or a digital image in glass, we can supply quality toughened glass in a full spectrum of colours cut to any size and a wide variety of finishes.

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Printed Splashbacks

Digitally Printed Glass allows you to add your own personal touch making your kitchen or bathroom as unique as you are.

My home interior specializes in digitally printing and spraying directly onto glass.

Advanced digital technology and high-resolution images are used to produce digital prints that are applied to glass.

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LED splashbacks

Create an eye-catching and functional feature in your house with an LED illuminated Splash-back. Our LED splash-backs are suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms etc.

An LED splash-back is made up of a sheet of glass that has LED lights behind it. One of the major advantages that LED splash-backs is that you can use the lights to change the colour of the splash-back as you wish.

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Acrylic splashbacks

Acrylic splash-backs are a hygienic, low-maintenance and convenient alternative to glass splash-backs and have grown in popularity.

Available in a huge variety of finishes they offer a unique, sleek, sophisticated, modern and practical way to brighten up your kitchen, bathroom or living room.

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Stainless steel splash backs

Stainless steel splash backs give a kitchen a sleek, contemporary feel, and are very durable and easy to clean. Available plain, brushed and even printed, they can be used in modern or traditional homes. Stainless Steel splash-backs can also be painted to suit your décor.

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Natural and Engineered Stone splash-backs

Natural and engineered stone splash-backs are beautiful partnered with your granite or quartz countertop which you can choose to have fixed to your walls in the same material as your natural worktop. Natural and engineered stone is extremely long lasting option if properly sealed and looked after.

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Laminate Splashbacks

Laminate has proven to be a great budget option and is available in a variety of styles, colours and finishes.

Laminate splash-backs enable a long run of seamless hard wearing surfaces which require no more than a simple wipe down.

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Shower and Wall Panel

The new shower wall bathroom panelling is an ideal alternative to tiling for shower walls, bathroom walls and shower enclosures. Decorative wall panels can come in different styles, colours and effects. Our wall panels are constructed with a moisture resistant MDF core, bonded under controlled conditions with high pressure decorative laminate to face and a balancing laminate to rear.

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No two kitchens are the same. Perhaps you’ve channelled a more traditional look with rustic décor, or maybe you’ve opted for an ultra-contemporary style, complete with clean lines and a monochromatic colour scheme. After you’ve worked hard to create a certain look, it goes without saying that you want your splashback to match it.

By the same token, kitchens vary greatly in size. You may only need a small splashback to sit behind the modest cooker in your one-bedroom apartment, or an average-size one for your family-size hob. Perhaps you have a kitchen that a top chef would envy so only a larger splashback would do, or maybe your vast restaurant kitchen requires splashbacks behind its many cookers for hygiene reasons.

No matter what your kitchen looks like or what size it is, our experts create and fit completely bespoke splashbacks in London that complement the style of any kitchen. Why not go wild with colour and shape by making your acrylic splashback a focal point? Or go for an understated yet sophisticated alternative made from engineered stone that will seamlessly blend in with the rest of the room – the choice is yours.